I need a bionic brain.

I was thinking, because that is something that I often do, and I came to the thought of Robots and crime.

How does one come to ponder these two subjects? My coworker may not have gotten a bionic arm when he got surgery this week but I was secretly hoping for it because I have never known somebody with a bionic arm. The fact that I was listening to a show where a Smart Guy Scientist had monkeys in the US controlling monkey-bots in Japan via the brain may or may not have pushed the thought in the bionic direction. Shit is happening people, sci-fi shit is starting to be reality shit. Not for my coworker though, no bionics on his body. His doctors must be lame.  My coworker should have checked the black market, criminals can probably get their hands on some bionic bits.

Can you imagine a world of robots? But just think, it’s not just the moral ones who can get a robot. All kinds of freaks would have access to these pseudo people. Freaks. Remember the one movie where Jude Law was a Sexy Time robot? (I’d definitely go for some Jude Law-Botics, yaknowatamIsayin?!) But it doesn’t stop there folks, unless you’re a bonafide nympho you can’t just be sexy-timing 24/7 you gotta support yourself! Dolla dolla bills y’all!

Just send the criminabot to do the dirty work! A big problem for criminals is that they are often in cahoots with other criminals and they there is a potential to turn on each other. A criminal can’t be trusted; but a robot can! Oh yes, criminals will just have an army of robots doing their shit….a maybe a programmer if they aren’t one. And the programmer can just have robot bodyguards so you can’t even fuck with a programmer! The big guys can’t even push around the little guys with robots for bodyguards.

So if you should happen to meet a programmer hook that dude! Ring on the finger and babies-hook him! (Don’t worry if you’re not a kid person, he’ll program a kick ass Nanny Bot) Just don’t go creepin’ with the Pool Boy bot cuz he’ll have creeper bots making sure the wifey is being faithful.

And when the zombie apocalypse comes? Zombie killing bots. Zombies don’t eat robots so there safe to run errands and everything! Moral of the story: programmers will one day rule the world.


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