Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Whenever i visit my tipping point I take a trip down memory lane; to troubleshoot. I look at the environmental factors and try to recreate my frame of mind. I’ve been close to my goal weights and then I am not again. What are the triggers? Something happens that I dramatize in my mind and bingeing ensues. The problem is that it doesn’t stop. Nomvom, wash, rinse, repeat. 

It starts off Sadpants quickly rolls into arrogance (thinking I can drop the weight quickly) and procrastination (I’ll start Monday…er, next Monday…) and before I know it I’m cast out in the stormy seas drowning in tidal waves of Nomvommery. Fun stuff.

The problem is…me. I am the stormy sea, my mind are those tidal waves that entrap me. I am the problem. There is nobody forcing food on me. I can eat whatever I please. I am not held back by budget or schedule. I have every opportunity to make the healthy choices and I don’t.

During the week I have structure and routine. The weekends are my obstacle. The messier my home is, the worse the nomvommery. What a life. I come to dread the weekends. During which I undo most if not all (and then some) of the progress I make during the week. Messiness, loneliness and lack of structure and routine.

So why not just create structure and routine? There is nobody to keep me accountable and the incentive just isn’t the same as…say…a paycheck. Nonetheless, I have got to find a way. I need a plan.

  1. Find strong intrinsic motivation.
  2. Incentive & disincentive.
  3. Clean.
  4. Socialize.
  5. Create a flexible routine/structure.
  6. Something better…. any ideas??

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