Bonafide Grown Up

I got bills and shit. SoCal Gas, SCE, rent-OH MY! Getting a second job would be A Good Idea, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

There are reasons. The stress of moving got me smoking again, and you know how I can tell it was the stress of moving? Because I’m not having the “I need a fucking cigarette” thought running through my head like mutha fuckin Paul Revere. I am still smoking but it’s definitely on the decline. I’m afraid to quit. I fear that if I quit smoking than I will start the Nomvomming. That just can’t happen. Smoking > Bulimia. I digress.

Back to stress. I have Lupus. Stress is a hardcore no-no for that shit. Random body parts start getting inflamed (ouch). So for the first week and a half-ish I was limping because my foot was all inflamed. Can’t work on that! Tumeric and R&R helped.

And that’s all the “good” reason for not applying for jobs. Aside from that I spend my nights reading, working out, cleaning, texting, talking on the phone, smoking cigarettes, taking baths, and shopping. I like it. Though I can use some friends. I do have a couple (married) that are close but they have a baby and are busy bees, so V and I have Monday night dates to go walking (or do something active). I have been fortunate that each weekend a friend has come out (3 weeks) and possibly even next weekend. 

I don’t miss nor regret this move one iota. I love it. I love my apartment, it’s all mine.

I’ve also signed up on a dating site to occupy some time. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a Nerd Magnet. Fuck it, I’m bored. BRING IT! I need the practice (being a nerd myself).

I can’t help but wonder what the next month has in store. I’m definitely hoping for some Awesomeness. I’m still sort of settling in and finding my groove.


One thought on “Bonafide Grown Up

  1. Yikes, lupus? I hope the inflammation is going away, or at least not as bad. :/ I signed up for a dating site recently as well, but then after the epic suicidal depression of the past weeks I thought maybe I should lay off the dating. Hope you have more luck with it than I.
    Come visit NJ, I’ll take you on some super duper nerdalicious outings. ❤

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