So stressy! But alright in the ends.

Tomorrow marks one week that I got the keys to my apartment. I love it! It is a bit lonely though. I’ve done lots of laundry and cleaning and I’ve even taken baths. I don’t know what to do with all this extra time! (Suggestions welcomed-keep in mind I am on a budget) My commute to work was about 50 minutes and now *drum roll* TEN MINUTES! How awesome is that? Really awesome. 

The actual physical moving part of this was really stressful. Asking for help. Accepting help. These things are difficult for me. They are especially difficult because I hate asking for help on shit that I don’t even want to do. Lift boxes up 3 flights of stairs? Pass. (So don’t ask me to help you move, I’ll show up later with booze and food and some toilet paper.) It turned out fine in the end of course. But so stressy before and during!

More stress. Friday night I went to buy a TV. Mother fucking fraud alert was put on my Amex. No fraud! It was me! I’m a good and loyal customer you guys. I tried to resolve the following day with no luck and because the sale was ending my mom put it on her card and will bill me later. That actually turned out pretty damn good because she got 5% off for using her Target card so I saved a little $$. And my TV is fucking great. All in all, it turned out alright in the end. But before and during? So stressy!

But the stress didn’t stop there, no siree! I never got the email about resolving the Amex Issue only a survey from them. I continued to use my card just fine. Until yesterday. Yesterday I got a table and chairs(!) which I financed, but still had to pay shipping and handling for upfront, I pulled out my handy dandy Amex. DENIED! WTF?! So I call and have them resend the email so I can get this alert off my card and start spending with reckless abandon.

So today I went at lunch with a mission. I went to the bank to get a notary to prove I am me. And then I went to another bank and another. FOUR BANKS! Finally, I called customer service like WTF man banks don’t notarize shit that is not directly theirs. Apparently, in California it’s different, I had to get a Signature Gaurantor! Why American Express, why is there not a California Clause?! And then I had to go back to the first bank that I ventured (across town) because that’s where I actually bank. They did it. It turned out alright in the end. But before and during? So stressy!

Too much stress. I started smoking again, about a month ago, I think. And restricting. My calorie counts are <1k. Which is Bad News Bears recovery-wise. But you know what? I’m not hating losing a bit of weight. This being a Fatso is intolerable. I was working out too-30 day shredding it. But you know what happened? With all this stress? Lupus flare up. Not working out makes me feel like a fatass. A stressy, ouchy, fatso.

Friday night my food got a little weird. The pain increased the following day. And Sunday I was straight up Gimpy. And Monday. Awful awfulness. At first I only suspected Lupus because the pain was reminiscent of back when I was Bad News Bear up in that shit popping ibuprofen like cray. ! was still open to a “maybe you stepped on it wrong” but when I got some minor pains elsewhere I knew. So frustrating! Every step painful, it wears on you, I’m telling ya.


Thankfully my friends gave me great advice. Tumeric. Mother fucking Tumeric is the Bees Knees you guys. The level of pain reduced dramatically after only on night. Yesterday the pain was so minimal that I worked out. And today, practically gone. So it turned out alright in the end. But during? So painful!

Too much stress. I’m pretty sure it’s Rainbows and Champagne from here on out. 


4 thoughts on “So stressy! But alright in the ends.

  1. I hope your foot is feeling a little better. Foot and back injuries are THE WORST.

    A suggestion for your spare time: get a bird feeder to hang outside your window = hours of adorable entertainment.


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