Balancing Act

Have you seen gas prices?! Have you experienced them?! Every time that pump clicks a new pair of shoes dies. And I am a commuter. A minimum of 7.5 hours a week driving to or from work, that’s an extra day of work. I live at home right now, virtually rent free, but it’s looking more and more like that needs to change. Actually, I want, maybe even need that to change.

List of Fly the Coup Catalysts

  • My mother drives me crazy. 
  • I’m 26. 
  • Gas prices make my credit card cry. 
  • I’ve outgrown my 10×10. 
  • I would gain 7 hours a week in time.

There are a few things keeping me. I am a little concerned with budgeting. I am scaredypants because I’ve never lived away from home before. Both of which stem from being ED. In the throws of a NomVom session money is the last thing on my mind. Nomvoms are expensive. Being by myself would give me more freedom to isolate myself. I fear ED like it is predator and I am prey. I’m marked for kill and it’s just waiting for moments of weakness to get me and imprison me in it’s world.

For 2012 I made a goal that I would be able to move out within the year. I realized, even then, that the ED behaviors got to go too. That gives me 2 goals that work together. I recover and can then be mentally stable enough to move out. And, as i said before Nomvoms are expensive. Each instance I avoid flushing my cash down the toilet is saving to move out. It also helps me keep track of my expenses to budget for my future place. It’s great motivation.

I have a goal again.


One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. Concrete benefits for recovery are so good to have…I’m kinda jealous of the living alone goal. It’s looking like I’ll never know what that’s like. Although with ED shit in my case maybe that’s for the best. I fall apart alone. But I bet your ED triggers might decrease alone coz your mom stresses you out so much.

    Anyway. Go you! Keep on planning ahead for health. ❤

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