WECOME 2012 and all your potential Goodness!

2012! It’s 2012 you guys! Magic happened when on that stroke of midnight, I tell you! MAGIC! I’m convinced! (I convince myself.)

So 2011 happened. Let’s kick it off with a list because I am a fan of lists.

2011 Good Things

  • I am employed. Full time employee with benefits. Feels so good to have this security again.
  • Not only am I employed, I’m a valued employee. I got a mini promotion, bonuses, raises and stuff.
  • I’m a more organized in my cell of a room.
  • I have  a few more friends.
  • I discovered I love yoga. (Seriously makes me feel fantastic. FANTASTIC!)
  • An omnivore again. Vegetarian no more.

Other Things.

  • Bulimia. I’m pretty sure I didn’t got more than 7 days without vomming more than twice all year.
  • BDD. I missed my Christmas party because I ended up hiccuping in a puddle of tears after seeing my body in a dress that looked good the last time I saw myself in it.
  • My mother. That woman. Are all mothers impossible? Are they supposed to drive their offspring fucking crazy?
  • I live at home.
  • I’m not going to school. And failed all my classes.
  • My room was a disaster most of the year.
  • I hardly exercised after…April?
  • BDD and Bulimia kept me a Miserable Hermit most of the time.

 And now, 2012. Goals.

  • Be outstanding at my job.
  • Make a lot of money.
  • Pay off my car.
  • Move out. (Get away from The Woman Who Birthed Me)
  • Lose weight the healthy way. (Diet and exercise)
  • Stop being a bulimic/ed/bdd headcase.
  • Do stuff. Preferably with friends, but mostly just do stuff.

And I’m off to a fantastic running start! Or that’s what I wish were truth but this is reality and not my dreams where there are Champagne waterfalls, sexy men with drool worthy body’s and lots of shoes. Newp. I’ve nommed. I’ve vommed. I’ve flaked. And my room is not clean. I’ve done good stuff too, like make a trip to Goodwill and….I dunno…stuff. But a weekend won’t derail my dreams! One day there will be waterfalls of champagne! There will be eyes that ogle sexy muscle on sexy men (my eyes….in my bed.)! And there will be a skinny, healthy, glowing me adorning fantastic shoes in a fantastic apartment that my promotion helped me get!


2 thoughts on “WECOME 2012 and all your potential Goodness!

  1. I was so sad when your blog was gone! Glad to see you’re still around. Good luck with fighting bulimia (and getting away from Mom)…I know what both of those are like!

  2. Your 2012 goals are almost exactly the same as mine. OBVIOUSLY that means one or both of us is correct.

    You are fabulous. I'm glad you're back to blogging.

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